Welcome to Heartspace International Writing School – Home of Transformative Life Writing, Learning that Changes Lives

Winnipeg Artist, Jane Gateson, calls this painting. “Happy News.”  It is as if the energy of happiness is flowing from within these walls out into the world. From all of us at Heartspace International Writing School, 2018 begins feeling like this  painting.

This year marks 20 years of introducing Transformative Life Writing to people of all ages and backgrounds in many places around the world. Twenty years, over a thousand writers, stacks of published books, but most importantly, a toolbox of dependable tools for accessing and expressing our unlimited creativity.

What a community we have become!  From recent classes with 5-year-old newcomers from Syria, and teen moms in Canada, to 94-year-old “new” poets like Issie, to Social Work students under the leadership of Farrukh in London, to fabric artists with Fenella in Australia–our groups are growing and thriving.

Our Heartspace Mission:

  • Life enriching personal development and
  • Authentic creative self expression
  • Using Transformative Life Writing

What’s ahead for 2018? Exciting new opportunities to contribute writing to our WordPress blog, Heartspace website, and Facebook page, author interviews, inspiration galore, a new e-book and course: Imagined, Written, Published, Launched, e-courses, retreats, a new interactive workbook and course, Creative Companion, and of course, a major 20th anniversary celebration.

Stay tuned, we would love to include you in our Happy News.

From Joanne Klassen, Director, for the Heartspace teamHAPPY NEWS.JANE BATESON 10-7-2012 6-38-53 AM 2133x2132