This YouTube video came at just the right moment, early in the new year with all its competing calls for our attention and action. With simplicity, gentleness and passion for what we do, it brought me home to my own heart space. Please write your thoughts in the comments below, I am interested in your experience of the video and of writing today.
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Can You Hear It?

Can you hear it?

The sound of 2017 ticking away is running gently in the background. If you look back to witness some of the most important moments for you in the year that is passing, what do you notice?

One way to take a personal inventory is to look at four basic dimensions of ourselves: body, mind, emotions, spirit.

What has changed with your body in the last year? Are there new habits that you have developed that support health or well being? Are there new challenges that have shown up that have taken you to the doctor, the hospital, or the lab? How would you summarize your overall relationship to your body and your health as 2017 comes to a close?

What is the state of your mind at this time? Are there things you have thought about more deeply, things you have learned, things you have studied and mastered in the last 12 months? Are there things weighing on your mind? Are there worries, concerns, unanswered questions? What are your favourite ways of being kind to your mind or putting your mind at ease?

When it comes to emotions, what are the feelings that have been most familiar to you in the past year? Five major categories of feelings are: mad, sad, glad, hurt, and scared. Which of these has taken up the most space in your life in the last year? Is that the same emotion you would like to predominate in the year ahead? Consider something that triggers a feeling of joy. What happens when you focus on that right now?

Spirit is a word that is used to describe a sense of unity with all of life. Have you felt connected to people close to you, and some different from yourself, perhaps people from different circumstances or distant places in the last year? Spirit can also include connecting with nature—plants, animals, water, air, earth and fire—the natural world. How do you experience your part in the cosmos? Is there a power greater than yourself that you experience? Where do you find that connection?

I hear the sound of 2017 ticking gently in the background, slipping away to make room for 2018 and all the newness that will come with it. From all of us at Heartspace, I wish you a year of wondrous possibilities and opportunities ahead, enjoyed with awareness, our prime power tool for transformation.

Joanne Klassen
Dec. 28, 2017


Awareness, Triggers and Full Circle Stories

Squeezing the Nectar

 Awareness, Triggers and Full Circle Personal Stories

© Joanne Klassen —

Transformative Life Writing™ provides easy-to-use tools for getting the most out of our life stories by guiding us directly to them with awareness; getting specific using “Triggers,” and then helping capture the essence of a lived experience, often in just five minutes (J5M). Further, Transformative Life Writing™ moves us on to discover the gift each experience offers today. I call this “squeezing the nectar.”

“Full Circle” stories take us from the present to the past and back again, full circle, to arrive with fresh insight. This process includes three phases:

  1. What happened?—Begin by writing the details of the experience, as you remember them.
  2. So What?—This is where the awareness or memory took you, or its gift.
  3. Now What?—Take a step back and see how you can use this awareness now.

Here’s an example:


As I drove to my condo yesterday I became aware of a Trigger; my eye was drawn to a decal on the rear window of the car ahead of me. It was the symbol of Free Masons.

Immediately memories of my Grandpa, Charles W. Mellerup, my mom’s dad, from Iowa poured in.

What flashed across my mind was a black and white photo of Grandpa on his 90th birthday at a party in Mesa, Arizona, his winter home. He is dancing in a chorus line with two of his Mason buddies. The three of them have surprised the assembled crowd by appearing dressed as women.

Grandpa, a mountain of a man, a big Dane, well over 6′ tall, is muscular, sturdy with dazzling sky-blue eyes. His usual spiky white brush-cut is covered by a blonde wig. Decked out in make-up and earrings, he’s kicking up 3” heels.

I can hear Grandma Mellerup’s voice, that of a true Victorian lady, chiding Grandpa on so many occasions when his frolicking child-like side would emerge, “Charles, please.” She was probably thinking this as Grandpa surprised the crowd dressed in her clothing.

So What?

The gift, or ‘news I can use’ from this story is the joy Grandpa lived and gave others when he slipped free of propriety and stifling self-restraint. Grandpa reminds me today to take risks, to stretch limits, to live life more fully–surrounded by good friends.

In truth, I can’t remember when I last threw my head back and laughed from my nose to toes. Lately I’ve been way too busy with work, focused on obligations and tasks that I think require my attention. I’ve been more impatient and critical than I’d like.

Now What?

Grandpa Mellerup always made everything around him seem lighter, brighter. He made me and others feel special. His early life was very hard, but he still chose to enjoy the moment. This balance is what I want for myself. His ability to play freely is his true legacy to me. This story inspires me to schedule more time with friends, especially friends I can be goofy with. Nina, Lynne and Gloria come to mind; I’ll reach them today.

 We all carry the buried treasure of countless life-enriching stories within us. Transformative Life Writing™ gives us step-by-step tools to become aware of and uncover Full Circle stories, complete with timeless gifts of yesterday that we can enjoy and benefit from today.