5-Minute-Meditation: Redo

By Beverley Johnston

Change the fabric of your own soul and your visions,

and you change all. (Vachel Lindsay)

I am aware that beyond this space the weather is unsettled. The dark foreboding clouds in the north are contrasted by the bright, setting sun in the west. The wind is whipping the trees and rain drops are bright splashes on the window. But I am inside. I am settled.

As I begin to write, a seam “picker-outer” from amongst an array of sewing notions nearby draws my attention. It guides my awareness, becoming a metaphor for my life.

How very easy life would be if it was possible to unpick all the wrong stitches made in a lifetime. Things incorrectly bonded could be quickly parted, and sewn again with surer stitches, stronger stitches.

Do-overs! It is hard for me to remember all the do-overs I would like to have redone. But they remain, stitches of the past, clumsily attached or loosely basted.

I choose to concentrate on seams that are sure and tightly bound.

Life mirrors my every thought. As I keep my thoughts positive, life brings me more good experiences.

© Beverley Johnston 2016

Redo was originally published in “Creative Journey Five Minute Meditations for Transformation” Published by Heartspace Writing School.

Biography –Beverley Johnston

Beverley Johnston taught school in four provinces and has travelled extensively in Canada and abroad. Her most prized accomplishments involve her family, having been honoured as Unicef Canada’s Volunteer of the Year (1999) in Toronto, being awarded first prize in the Writers’ Collective of Manitoba/Free Press contest (2009) at Winnipeg’s Millennium Library, and first prize for a children’s story in Helen Isobel Sissons/P.A.C.E. Award in Toronto (2013). She writes to feed her soul.

5-Minute-Meditation: Reflect

By Joanne Klassen

Who has seen the wind? Neither I nor you:

But when the leaves hang trembling,

The wind is passing through. (Christina Rossetti)

The heat is fierce at the cottage I’ve rented for our family vacation. It’s too warm this afternoon to even walk across the scorching sand at a nearby beach. The temperature has climbed so high that even the birds have stopped singing. I have taken shelter on the screened porch, nestled in tall pine and poplar trees.

As I pause to reflect, I notice the whisper of the wind. Tall white poplars sway gently as if bending into subtle yoga postures. Their heart-shaped leaves flutter, like tiny queenly gloved hands, waving to subjects below. Suddenly the movement stops, then after a what seems like a brief reflective pause, the wind is back, playing hide and seek, chiding, “Catch me if you can,” as it flits from tree to tree.

My life is like this day. I need refreshment, shelter, and time to reflect. Getting ready for vacation has been a whirlwind of activity, a pace neither the wind nor I can sustain. Pausing, I catch my breath and dwell briefly in an inner stillness. I drink deeply this spacious moment in nature with all my senses. Brief moments of reflection like this feel spacious, primal, and even blissful. I am rejuvenated as I bask in the wind’s gifts.

In precious moments of reflection

I see and hear, taste, touch, 

smell, and feel nature’s wonders.

© Joanne Klassen 2016

Reflect was originally published in “Creative Journey Five Minute Meditations for Transformation” Published by Heartspace Writing School.

Biography –Joanne Klassen

Author and Heartspace founder, Joanne began facilitating personal development programs in 1975. Her career and life changed in 1998 when she received a vision for Transformative Life WritingTM which is now offered to teens, adults and seniors around the world. Joanne’s ideal day includes writing, singing to a baby, visiting thrift shops and walking along the river with her husband Ted in Winnipeg, Canada.

5-Minute-Meditation: Watch

By Anne Harding

I am a watcher; and the things I watch

are birds and love.

(U.A. Fanthorpe)

I too love to watch. I watch the goldfinches in my garden. They sit each side of the niger seed feeder for five minutes or so, daintily picking out the tasty seeds and throwing the tasteless ones onto the lawn. I watch the buzzard as it spirals above the house until it disappears in the clouds. At Woodbrooke, I watch and wait for the kingfisher. I have only seen it twice, but it is worth it when I catch a flash of turquoise and orange.

This week I have been watching love. The niece of a friend brought her toddler to see me. He is fifteen months old. The love between mother and son was wonderful. It shone from their eyes and faces as she dangled him on her knee.

The very next day, my niece and her partner arrived with their fourteen-month-old toddler. The three of them were smiling at each other with love and happiness and he giggled each time one of them swung him up in the air and down again. These are the precious moments in life for which to watch.

I give time for watching and waiting.

© Anne Harding 2016

Watch was originally published in “Creative Journey Five Minute Meditations for Transformation” Published by Heartspace Writing School.

Biography –Anne Harding

Anne was a Primary teacher and worked with pupils with English as an Additional Language. Since retirement she has joined a Poetry Society and short story writing group. After attending a Transformative WritingTM course at Woodbrooke in 2009 she has returned for the Alumni Retreats every year since. The Tools of Transformation support her writing development. Anne is a member of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) and attends meetings in Telford.

5-Minute-Meditation: Await

By Erin Taves

After a while, that’s how we relate with hope and fear in our daily lives. Out of nowhere, we stop struggling and relax. We see our story line, drop it, and come back to the freshness of the present moment. (Pema Chodron)

His gums pull back to reveal sharp white teeth, his jaw pressing up against the passenger seat window leaves a trail of drool on the glass. He snarls at anyone who comes near. I try to determine his breed; he is white with a strong muscular build. A Boxer, or a Pit Bull perhaps. The word “bull” suits him; he looks like a bully, one that would show no mercy if he could burst through the truck’s window pane.

In strange contrast, a large black Labrador sits silently in the driver’s seat gazing calmly ahead. Both dogs wait for their master to return to the vehicle; one is crazed, the other still.

My own mind sometimes feels as mad as that Pit Bull, with unchecked thoughts leaving a wake of dirty spume in my aura. I can learn from the black Labrador, who quietly informs me to sit evenly in the driver’s seat knowing that joy and innocence await me upon the return of my awareness.

I sit poised and still knowing that peace is assured.

© Erin Taves 2016

Await was originally published in “Creative Journey Five Minute Meditations for Transformation” Published by Heartspace Writing School.

Biography –Erin Taves

Erin Taves plays the role of wife, mother, friend, employee, and spiritual enthusiast. She attended a Transformative WritingTM program in 2004 and continues to enjoy gatherings with “Prism”; an eclectic group of women who provide her with inspiration and wisdom. Erin’s writing is self-reflective, based on her observations of the world and how it imitates her inner psyche. She reads books that promise to reveal some secret that has yet to be revealed.