5-Minute-Meditation: Open

By Jayelle Bond

We shall not cease from exploration, 

and the end of all our exploring 

will be to arrive where we started 

and know the place for the first time. 

(T.S. Eliot)

The veranda is a place I can hear the hum and hiss of traffic, the chorus of nature’s ease. A place of unofficial spies and amateur meteorologists. A place of theatre where the audience sits on the stage and watches the play beyond. A place of hollering and guffaws, small talk as large as the world.

Out on the veranda is where geraniums are taken as the first sign of spring. Where children make mud pies and friends. Where the dog curls into a wreath, and birds square dance. Where brandy and thoughts are poured, proposals accepted, stars weighed. Where the creak of a swing can sand the rough edges of a widower.

These days we are sequestered inside, facing the television, not each other. Our own stories lose their breath. I need to exit my home, open the screen door, and step onto the veranda, as balusters shape themselves into arms.

Safe places teach me about myself.

© Jayelle Bond 2016

Open was originally published in “Creative Journey Five Minute Meditations for Transformation” Published by Heartspace Writing School.

Biography – Jayelle Bond

Jayelle Bond is walking into her prime. She stretched herself by taking the Life Writing for TransformationTM course at Canadian Mennonite University. Poetry is her usual writing; her poems have been published in journals and magazines. A prairie woman who delights in wind-rippled wheat fields and the starry vault of sky, Jayelle engages in watercolour painting, reading, and travelling.


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