5-Minute-Meditation: Cocoon

By Joanne Klassen

Action without reflection is thoughtless;

reflection without action is passive.

(Jonathan Gosling and Henry Mintzberg,

The Five Minds of a Manager)

 I awaken to a white sky; more snow is on the way. I have meetings to attend and driving is going to be a challenge, but not an obstacle. For one hour I can pause, climb back under the covers and cocoon in a cozy space of reflection before the day of action begins.

Today I didn’t awaken to an alarm or need to jump up, prepare breakfasts and lunches and hustle kids off to school and myself off to work, as I once did. I relish the luxury of more time to reflect at this life stage.

Like a caterpillar, I have been crawling along, eyes on slippery gray sidewalks. As I lie here watching the sky outside my bedroom window, rays of sunrise illuminate nearby buildings, painting them a golden hue. I realize it’s time to emerge from my cocoon. There’s a big, beautiful world outside waiting for me to spread my butterfly wings. Pulling back the covers, I decide to wear yellow today.

Reflection transforms my inner and outer worlds. 

I find moments to cocoon in solitude and emerge, 

ready to spread my wings and enjoy a new view.

© Joanne Klassen 2016

Accept was originally published in “Creative Journey Five Minute Meditations for Transformation” Published by Heartspace Writing School.

Biography – Joanne Klassen

Author and Heartspace founder, Joanne began facilitating personal development programs in 1975. Her career and life changed in 1998 when she received a vision for Transformative Life WritingTM which is now offered to teens, adults and seniors around the world. Joanne’s ideal day includes writing, singing to a baby, visiting thrift shops and walking along the river with her husband Ted in Winnipeg, Canada.


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