5-Minute-Meditations: Shift

By Ted Klassen

Joy is always just a thought away.

(Unity, The Daily Word)

I walked from the parking lot to my office after a daily radiation treatment, aware of feeling depleted and worn out. As I dragged my feet to where I wanted to go, a conversation began in my head.

“How are you Ted?”

“Feeling the pits,” came my instant reply.

“Let’s take that from the top, again. Ted, how are you?”

This time I answered, “Terrific, great!”

Immediately I felt a surge of energy. My thoughts turned to the kindness of the staff at Cancer Care, then to the supportive, caring faces of my co-workers.

By the time I reached the familiar comfort of my office chair, I was aware that my steps were lighter and the day had suddenly become brighter.

I acknowledged the shift with a silent thank you.

Optimism is always possible.

What I focus on expands

to become my reality.

© Ted Klassen 2016

Shift was originally published in “Creative Journey Five Minute Meditations for Transformation” Copyright 2016 by Heartspace Writing School

Biography- Ted Klassen

Ted began his career in a one-room rural Manitoba school. He then worked as a consultant, human resource manager and general manager. He is an advocate of life-long learning and transformation. Ted logged many miles on his motorcycle trips with his sons across North America and with his friend to Alaska and the Yukon. He is passionate about Joanne, his wife, five children, extended family, Plautdietsch (Low German), golf and the Cindy Klassen Recreation Centre.


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