Can You Hear It?

Can you hear it?

The sound of 2017 ticking away is running gently in the background. If you look back to witness some of the most important moments for you in the year that is passing, what do you notice?

One way to take a personal inventory is to look at four basic dimensions of ourselves: body, mind, emotions, spirit.

What has changed with your body in the last year? Are there new habits that you have developed that support health or well being? Are there new challenges that have shown up that have taken you to the doctor, the hospital, or the lab? How would you summarize your overall relationship to your body and your health as 2017 comes to a close?

What is the state of your mind at this time? Are there things you have thought about more deeply, things you have learned, things you have studied and mastered in the last 12 months? Are there things weighing on your mind? Are there worries, concerns, unanswered questions? What are your favourite ways of being kind to your mind or putting your mind at ease?

When it comes to emotions, what are the feelings that have been most familiar to you in the past year? Five major categories of feelings are: mad, sad, glad, hurt, and scared. Which of these has taken up the most space in your life in the last year? Is that the same emotion you would like to predominate in the year ahead? Consider something that triggers a feeling of joy. What happens when you focus on that right now?

Spirit is a word that is used to describe a sense of unity with all of life. Have you felt connected to people close to you, and some different from yourself, perhaps people from different circumstances or distant places in the last year? Spirit can also include connecting with nature—plants, animals, water, air, earth and fire—the natural world. How do you experience your part in the cosmos? Is there a power greater than yourself that you experience? Where do you find that connection?

I hear the sound of 2017 ticking gently in the background, slipping away to make room for 2018 and all the newness that will come with it. From all of us at Heartspace, I wish you a year of wondrous possibilities and opportunities ahead, enjoyed with awareness, our prime power tool for transformation.

Joanne Klassen
Dec. 28, 2017