What is Transformative Life Writing?

What is Transformative Life Writing?

Transformative Life Writing™ brings together the reflective, expressive, healing tradition of personal writing (journal, diary, memoir), and the artistic, creative tradition of literary writing (poetry, short story, novel). It is writing creative non-fiction, based on lived experience.

The textbook for Life Writing for Transformation™ courses is Tools of Transformation, Infinity Publishing 2004 by Joanne Klassen, originator of this process. Transformative Life Writing™ includes 25 tools designed to help writers create an enduring, joyful relationship with writing. Examples of the tools are:

  • Writing Triggers to spark stories
  • Free-style Writing
  • Mind Mapping to generate & organize story themes
  • Focusing Techniques to stay on track
  • Techniques for quieting the Inner Critic
  • Timed writing to complete stories
  • “A String of Story Pearls” to capture life shaping experiences
  • Feedback that improves writing—without criticism, ever

Four “Creative Channels” strengthened through Transformative Life Writing™:

      1. Moments
      2. Imagination
      3. Memory
      4. Inspiration

“Full Circle” stories include A) What happened? Experiences: emotions, actions B) So what? The significance of the experience

C) Now what? The gift, change/ new awareness

Life-enriching, transformative stories are nurtured in writing circles where encouragement, support, acceptance and guidance are provided. The result is stories that carry the wisdom, experience, and adventures of one generation to the next, and the next.

© Joanne Klassen 5-12-2014

jklassen@write-away.net Winnipeg, MB Canada



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