Be Aware, and take care out there

Careful, Corduroy

© Joanne Klassen

Quote of the Week

Awareness is Power; the power to choose, the power to change, the power to create, and the power to appreciate. –Heartspace Writing School Motto


What does awareness mean to you?  What words might you use to describe awareness? What do you think makes awareness a powerful force?


When my grandson Ben was a toddler, his mom, my daughter Tiffany, would read to him each day.  A favorite character in his library was a little bear named Corduroy who was very curious.  Corduroy had lots of adventures and found himself in scrapes such as getting lost in a department store; losing a button on his overalls.  The narrator of the book would say, “Careful, Corduroy.”

When Ben was learning to climb down stairs, Tiffany cautioned him, “Careful, Corduroy.” He heard her, paused and proceeded with caution.  I watched and decided that this was “news I could use.”  I began to slow myself down to be more aware with the worlds, “Careful, Corduroy,” as if giving a reminder to my own curious, and often unaware, inner child.

Recently I was rushing to a meeting and feeling tense.  As I tried to fit my car into a small parking space on a busy street, I told myself, “Careful, Corduroy.”  This moment of awareness allowed me to smile, relax and glide into the parking space.


I see awareness as a doorway that opens up new possibilities for me.  With this gentle little phrase I become aware, am able to choose to proceed with caution, change my frame of mind and appreciate the moment.


  • Writing Exercise
    In what area of your life could you use a “Careful, Corduroy,” reminder today?
  • Write Freestyle for J5M (Just 5 Minutes). Notice what you become aware of.
  • Is there something you can choose to change to create a different approach, one you can appreciate even more?

Good wishes as you write-away,

Joanne Klassen, November 15, 2011

Winnipeg, MB


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