It’s Time

Life Writing for Transformation is the title of a writing for personal development program offered at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre in Birmingham, England that I have had the privilege to develop and facilitate with Eleanor Chornoboy since 2009.

Today I decided that it is time to start a blog where we can share information and keep inspired to write, at least just five minutes (J5M) each day. I developed a system of Transformative Writing in 1998 that includes 25 tools for powerful personal change–five minutes at a time.


About life writing for transformation

Director of Heartspace Writing School, home of Transformative Life Writing with programs around the world. Changing lives, one writer at a time with unforgettable learning tools. Author of Tools of Transformation, Infinity Publishing 2004, Learning to Live, Learning to Love, (published in English, Greek and Russian) and many other books, anthologies and workbooks.
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One Response to It’s Time

  1. During the holidays, remember that self care is a necessity, not a luxury. I consider writing to be Vitamin W. Take good care out there.

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